March 14, 2015


The Cedar Key Poets celebrated their twenty years of learning and growing together on Thursday, March 12, 2015, at the Cedar Key Library at 5 pm.   Some forty audience members enjoyed the group’s tenth annual reading to the public.

New poets to the group Stephanie Hostetter, Steven Westenberg, and Ann Webster, offered both light and weightier poems to the audience. 

More seasoned poets Graham and Evelyn Duncan, in New York, Ginnah Howard, in the panhandle, Jackie Johnson, in Colorado, and Terri Brennan were missed.

Cedar Key’s Librarian Molly Jubitz said, “It is such a pleasure hosting these poets for ten years.”

Performing poets for the evening were: the three new poets, Hostetter, Westenberg, and Webster, and Nan McMillan, Hedy Havel, and Jim Hoy.  Havel has been with the group the longest, McMillan the second longest.

The Cedar Key News regrets the lack of photographs.