December 1, 2016
Brazilian Pepper is a Category 1 Invasive Plant, the worst kind, in Florida.  For years now, local resident, Master Gardener, and Cedar Key Garden Club President Roger McDaniels, and his group of devoted fellows gather in and around Cedar Key to eradicate the area of this exotic menace.

Initially, one needs to know nothing about peppers to join the group, become active, or just tag along and enjoy the good company and the purposefulness of the activity.

Do come and investigate what goes on in the training and see if you would like to take part.  No expectations or obligations are involved.,,,just a meaningful morning experience for you.

Brazilian Pepper Control Training will occur at the Lower Suwannee Wildlife Refuge Headquarters off County Road 347 on the December 13 at 9 am until 10:30 am. As you leave Cedar Key, travel fourteen miles north on CR 347, look for the large brown sign, containing the words “Headquarters,” on the left about halfway to Chiefland.

On December 16, at 9 am until about noon, the trained group will meet at the Cedar Key Marina boat launch ramp and go out to and work the islands removing Category 1 Brazilian Pepper Tree plants.

This is an annual program that runs through end of February.

Roger McDaniels, 321-698-1688, can answer specific questions.

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This shrub/tree is one of the most aggressive and wide-spread of the invasive non-indigenous exotic pest plants in the State of Florida. There are over 700,000 acres in Florida infested with Brazilian pepper tree. Brazilian pepper tree produces a dense canopy that shades out all other plants and provides a very poor habitat for native species. This species invades aquatic as well as terrestrial habitats, greatly reducing the quality of native biotic communities in the state.
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