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May 19, 2017

The Friends of the Lower Suwannee and Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuges just announced its board members.

The following is excerpted from the Friends website:

The Board Members

Elections are held at the Annual Meeting in the Spring.

The board member's term expires at the Annual Meeting in the year indicated after each name.

To learn more about our Board members and other Friends leaders, click here:

Bios will be added as they become available.

We are always looking for members who are interested in serving on the board or other committees. ‚Äč

If you are interested inhelping out, please contact us atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

President: Russ Hall (2018)
President Elect: Bill Dummitt (2018)
Past President: Maria Sgambati (2018)
Treasurer: John McPherson (2018)
Secretary: Ed DeHaan (2019)


Libby Cagle (2018)
Peg Hall (2018)
Jim Hoy (2019)
Debbie Jordan (2019)
Kit Lane (2019)
Dan Kline (2019)
Doug Maple (2019)
Roger McDaniels (2019)
Debbie Meeks (2018)
Mackenzie Russell (2018)
John Thalacker (2019)
Linda Tyson (2019)
Margy Van Landingham (2018)

Committee Leaders and Initiative Champions
Advocacy: Jay Bushnell
Membership: Debbie Meeks
Festival Booths: Margy VanLandingham
Communications: Peg Hall, Debbie Meeks, Kit Lane, Paul Ramey
Trail Guide Initiatives: Donna Thalacker, Debbie Meeks
Science Initiative: Russ Hall, Maria Sgambati, Linda Tyson
Refuge Restoration Initiative: Roger McDaniels
Dixie County Initiative: Debbie Meeks, Debbie Jordan
River Trail Initiative: John Thalacker


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