Wounded Warriors
Operation Outdoor Freedom 

 WoundedWarriors 001xe

Photo by Capt. Jimbo Keith
Looks like about 40 speckled trout and 1 flounder lay in front of a fine group of veterans last Tuesday May 5th at the dock in Cedar Key Florida.
A group of local captains’ had the honor of escorting these men fishing that Tuesday morning. The tide was low and the wind was blowing hard. Not exactly your best weather for fishing. Not at all. The weather didn’t hold us back. We took all these men out in 7 or 8 boats. The captains and the group of vets had dinner the night before at Robinson’s Seafood Restaurant where we planned our trips. Chef Eve supervised all the great food served there.  Capt. Carl Robinson supervised the visit of these veteran warriors. Several motels and hotels here in Cedar Key made overnight accommodations for our revered guests.
The weather might not have been ideal but the trips were great. What a special treat to spend some time out fishing with these men. Freedom ain’t free. These men know that full well. They have paid a high price so we here in America could do things like fishing, and attend our favorite church, and say anything we want without being prosecuted. The men that couldn’t be here last Tuesday paid the highest price. Next time you encounter a veteran, look ‘em in the eye and thank them for their service and shake their hand.