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Cedar Key Trout
Captain Dan Shannon
It is June 9th and already hot in the early morning. My group from Jonesboro Georgia and I left the dock at 8am and cruised out among the keys in light winds and a slight chop to the water. A nice ride out past Snake key and we anchored up in 4ft of water with a grassy sandy bottom. There was Jim and Millie and Shannon. That's the daughter, Shannon. Jim and I fished white Gulp lures under floats while Shannon and Millie fished fresh shrimp under floats. We all had action pretty quickly but they were mostly Lady fish and small trout.
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Jim and Shannon did manage to land 1 'keeper' trout each. A speckled trout has to be 15in. minimum to keep. The water temp was between 84 and 85 degrees F and when it warms up in the summer time like it is the trout aren't found in big groups in one spot. In the early spring when water temps are 72 to 75 degrees F you might not have to go too far to catch a cooler full. Now-a-days you have to hunt them down in different spots.
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We ended up stopping several more times and fished the outgoing tide that day and managed a few more good sized trout and a couple of mackerel. Mackerel are like little rockets on the end of your line. Here are some pics of Jim with a 19.5 in. trout and mom Millie with a keeper. Shannon caught the biggest mackerel. I filleted all the fish and my folks took them home to eat. We're going again tomorrow. There is one more pic of the fish as I was slicing 'em up. I placed the fillets in a ziplock with some fresh ice.  It was a beautiful day and we had a great time. Call me and let’s take the family out on another beautiful day.   
Thanks, Capt. Dan