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Never a Dull Moment
Captain Dan Shannon
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Hey folks, today is July 3rd 2015 and it's nice and warm here on the West coast of central Florida. I'm opening up the Bimini top for each fishing trip now-a-days. A little shade and a light breeze makes for a nice cool spot while floating along on my 24ft. pontoon boat. The water temp rose up to 84 degrees F my last trip out and all the species of fish that live and feed in the inshore waters off of Cedar Key Florida are here. Speckled trout and mackerel and redfish have been the target fish for a couple of months now. There is a picture of one of the fishermen with a 23in. trout.
I had a group form Tennessee onboard a week ago and one of the guys hooked into a Tarpon about 5 feet long and that big fish jumped up and out of the water and thrashed around just like on TV. What a beautiful sight. It must have felt that first prick in its lip from our little hook and then jumped about 6 feet into the air and then shot off so fast until almost all the line had peeled off the light tackle we were using and then spit the hook and vanished. Just like that. That got everyone's blood flowing real good. Now here is the 'kicker' to this story.
As the fisherman was reeling in all his line a speckled trout came along and snatched up the little bit of shrimp that was left on his hook and we reeled in a 16in. trout that went into the cooler. These folks from Tennessee had never seen anything like that. (I hadn't either).
We caught more trout and 2 big mackerel and headed back to the dock where I filleted all the fish and my folks ate them that evening. It was another great trip out among the keys of Cedar Key Florida. If you come down this way give me a call at 352-221-5463 and we'll pick a good day and you can catch your own fresh fish.
Thanks, Capt. Dan