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Temps are Cooling Down
Captain Dan Shannon
08 October 2015
Hello folks, it's the end of September and the water temps are cooling down a little and the fish are biting pretty good. We're catching redfish around the oyster bars and the speckled trout are showing up in good numbers over the shallow 'flats' here as well. Mackerel charge thru the many pods of bait fish scattered around the keys. It's a beautiful sight to look on all sides of the boat and see schools of bait jumping and thrashing. Lots of bait around means great fishing.
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All the factors are falling into place here to attract a lot of fish. The water temp falling from the high 80's into the low 80's, bait fish showing up everywhere, comfortable weather for us floating along on my 24ft. pontoon boat with the Bimini up. It makes for a nice fishing platform and real comfortable for 6 folks.
Call me at 352-221-5463 while conditions are 'just right' for this Fall season and we'll pick a good day and go out and catch us some fresh fish. I'll fillet 'em all back at the dock.
 Thanks, Capt. Dan