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Spring Trout Bite is ON
Captain Dan Shannon
20 March 2016
Hi folks, the water temperature is already up to 73 degrees F here in Cedar Key Florida and the trout and Spanish mackerel are really thick over the 'flats'. That's about 4 to 5 ft. of water with grassy sand bottom.
I took a family of 5 out March 18th and we really slammed 'em. We caught trout on jigs with soft plastic lures and fresh shrimp and cut bait. The cut bait was pinfish filleted and cut in strips. Imagine a strip of fresh fish about 4in. long and on one side are the scales glistening in the bright sunlight, giving off multiple colors and wiggling in the current and giving off a great scent. That's pretty good bait. I call it 'Mother Nature’s jig'. We caught our largest trout on the cut bait. There are fishermen who use only artificial lures and disdain the use of shrimp or cut bait. Fact is the fish are so thick now-a-days they would bite on most anything. 
We caught about 20 undersize trout and released them and 22 plump 'keeper' size speckled trout. A keeper fits in a slot 15in. up to 20in. You're allowed 5 each with 1 of the 5 being over 20 in. My group ended up with 44 fillets in 2 ziplock bags.
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That's Bonnie Kaye with a 15.25 in. silver trout. The silvers are mixed in with the speckled trout. Silver trout are just like speckled trout, they just don't have any speckles. No dots on their sides or backs.In the picture next to Bonnie is Joe Skok with a beautiful 15in. Pompano. He gave it to me and I promptly ate it that evening. The next pic is of Bonnie's son from way up in Illinois. He had never fished in the Gulf of Mexico. That's a 19in. speckled trout he's holding up. He said they were expecting another snow fall soon back home. Ain't it great in the sunshine state?
We left the dock to go fishing that Friday morning and stopped the 1st time and caught some real good ones. It slowed up a bit there so I moved the pontoon over a quarter mile and we didn't leave that spot for 2.5 hours.  Folks, the bite is on. Look for a sunny day and call me at 352-221-5463 and we'll make arrangements to meet here in Cedar Key Florida and go out on my 24ft pontoon boat and have your own fishing adventure. 
 Thanks, Capt. Dan