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Women Working
Captain Dan Shannon
22 April 2016
Last Wednesday the 20th of April I took five women out fishing among the keys of Cedar Key Florida. Just little 'ol me and five women from the Villages community in central Florida. It was a little too windy to go out in the open water so I kept close in where it was a little less choppy. As the day progressed and the tide rose and the wind died off to a light breeze. With the water up high and a soft wind the fish started to snatch everything we threw out. For bait we used old faithful fresh shrimp and gulp lures and strips of pinfish we caught. All baits worked to catch big speckled trout and a few mackerel also. 
The girls kept me pretty busy netting fish up and into the cooler and picture taking and slicing up pinfish.
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The women did a fine job with hauling in 13 nice speckled trout and 2 big mackerel. I cleaned all of them back at the dock and the girls from the Villages took home many fresh fillets. I hope they ate them all that night. They're best fresh, sure enough.The 1st pic is of Pat in classic fighting pose and the next one is Pat with a nice trout. Ida and Judy face out to sea awaiting a strike on their rods and then Judy holds up her big speckled trout. Look at Helen from Minnesota studying her line as it twitches and tugs out and down.

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I have a big wide pontoon boat, real comfy, call me at 352-221-5463 and we'll go get 'em.  
 Thanks, Capt. Dan