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February 6, 2015
Cedar Key’s Allan Pither packed the Cedar Key Library Meeting Room last evening with nearly seventy individuals with his “Fly the Eye” talk: “Atlantic Basin, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Hurricanes – Whence They Come and Wither They Go.”
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 Pither explains Hurricanes and shows their paths from 1851 in the Atlantic
With colorful maps and explicit graphics, Pither explained hurricane terminology, how hurricanes form, how they are internally structured, and he reminded the audience of some of the huge hurricanes that have come this way:  the hurricane of 1896, Andrew in 1992, and Ike in 2008.
The speaker further provided each participant a most informative  FEMA publication entitled Are You Ready?  An In-Depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness.  He also distributed his “hurricane Notes,” a wonderfully incisive page-plus of references, websites, individuals, books, etc., that could keep an ardent student of hurricanes happily busy for a very long time.  
Pither reminded the audience of the importance of preparedness…and of leaving the island should a hurricane come this way.   Audience member and Cedar Key Fire Chief and Emergency Manager Robert Robinson readily affirmed Pither’s direction. 
Robinson added that when winds occur above 45 miles per hour, water will likely be turned off and power will probably be out.  Further, the number of police and fire personnel will be minimal and should you call upon them, you place them in jeopardy.
Pither came to Cedar Key full time in 2011 from Gainesville where he worked in the University of Florida Data Center where, among other responsibilities, he dealt with emergency planning.


January 16 Nature Walk



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By Bob Treat
Cedar Keys' annual Small Boat Gathering occurred on about the second, third, and fourth of May . . . approximately. The only certitude is that it has been happening each year at this time for thirty years.

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December Nature Walk
in the Refuge
It was a crisp, bright morning when nine of us entered gate 43 for a two hour walk through pine upland and freshwater swamp habitats.  Bill Dummittt, John Thalacker, Milli Chapell and yellow lab Sophia, Kit Lane, Vicki Crumpley, Sally Beveridge, Maggie Funchion, Nita Cox and myself braved the cold air and ticks for a walk in the beautiful woodland. Though quiet at first, we were soon fortunate to see plenty of birds. In spite of their rapid movements, we were able to see flocks of Tufted Titmouse, Pine Warblers and Yellow-rumped Warblers as the birds hung around the oaks, pine and sweetgum trees long enough to be identified. 
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We also saw several Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers, Red-bellied Woodpeckers, Chickadees, Chipping sparrows and a Pileated Woodpecker.  Because we passed through wet and dry areas, we were able to identify lots of plants and even a few flowers still in bloom.  A big thanks to Vicki Crumpley and Nita Cox for their lovely pictures!
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Please join us for our next nature walk in the woods!  We will meet at the entrance to Cabin Road at 9am on Tuesday, January 6.  No promises, but a couple years ago we saw a mating pair of otters in the ditch alongside Cabin Road!  You never know what we will see, but we usually see something fun and interesting!
From the Salt Marshes
To the Way of St. James:
Adventures in Writing

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Russ and Peg Hall, of Gainesville and Cedar Key, talked about their writing and their books at the Cedar Key Public Library on Thursday March 13.

Approaching retirement in 2005, they were looking for a plan. What would they do after leaving their jobs as a scientist for USGS and a professor of Public Relations at UF? How could they follow through on their interests and stick with them as long as they stayed intriguing. Going to Law School? . . . no. Breeding show dogs? . . . no. Writing books? . . . maybe.