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February 6, 2015
Cedar Key’s Allan Pither packed the Cedar Key Library Meeting Room last evening with nearly seventy individuals with his “Fly the Eye” talk: “Atlantic Basin, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Hurricanes – Whence They Come and Wither They Go.”
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 Pither explains Hurricanes and shows their paths from 1851 in the Atlantic
With colorful maps and explicit graphics, Pither explained hurricane terminology, how hurricanes form, how they are internally structured, and he reminded the audience of some of the huge hurricanes that have come this way:  the hurricane of 1896, Andrew in 1992, and Ike in 2008.
The speaker further provided each participant a most informative  FEMA publication entitled Are You Ready?  An In-Depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness.  He also distributed his “hurricane Notes,” a wonderfully incisive page-plus of references, websites, individuals, books, etc., that could keep an ardent student of hurricanes happily busy for a very long time.  
Pither reminded the audience of the importance of preparedness…and of leaving the island should a hurricane come this way.   Audience member and Cedar Key Fire Chief and Emergency Manager Robert Robinson readily affirmed Pither’s direction. 
Robinson added that when winds occur above 45 miles per hour, water will likely be turned off and power will probably be out.  Further, the number of police and fire personnel will be minimal and should you call upon them, you place them in jeopardy.
Pither came to Cedar Key full time in 2011 from Gainesville where he worked in the University of Florida Data Center where, among other responsibilities, he dealt with emergency planning.