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By Bob Treat
Cedar Keys' annual Small Boat Gathering occurred on about the second, third, and fourth of May . . . approximately. The only certitude is that it has been happening each year at this time for thirty years.

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The event is scrupulously un-organized. There is no race. There are no aw
ards. You cannot find a sign-up sheet or name tags. But dozens of boaters come into town, launch their boats, and sail, paddle, pole, row, or motor their vessels around Cedar Key. Yes, some just drift. Anything that, more or less, floats is acceptable.
If that sounds as it were just goofy, it is not. The gathering of people includes internationally recognized boat builders, naval architects, engineers, marine manufacturers, and people from well-known marine chandleries. You will find boys who built their own backyard boats chatting with sailors who have crossed the world's oceans.
The heart of the event is in the celebration of sailing, cruising, working, boat building, and the swapping of maritime tall tales.  
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