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July 23, 2017
Kids of all sizes…little ones, medium-sized ones, and big ones, enjoyed the 2017 Cedar Key Ars Center Summer Art Program this year.  Students’ art productions were  creative, colorful, and thoughtful, and most importantly, as CKAC President Susan Rosenthal quipped, “Everyone had fun!”
CKAC Kids 8902xe
CKAC Kids 8888xe
On Friday, July 21, the students invited their parents, friends, and relatives to join them to celebrate the display of their works.  Each student had his special place to exhibit his art:  room dividers held tie-dyed shirts; gallery walls displayed robot and other-motif art; tables held ceramics pieces and sculptures;  bulletin boards displayed silk productions.   
Not a soul left the art exhibition hungry.  Food galore, handily all bite sized, was presented and gobbled up by all. Artists-to-be ate fruit, cakes, sandwiches, and cookies.
CKAC Kids 8877xe
Titled “Explorations in Art,” this summer program operated from July 10 through 21 and enrolled 22 rising first through fifth grade students and 11 teens. 
The teens enjoyed five different teachers and media.  With Dave Treharne’s expertise, students produced mosaic tiles.  “So much creativity; it’s amazing,” reflected Treharne.  With Bunny Hand, students produced silk screenings and tie-dyed tee shirts.  With Amy Gernhardt, teens made clay houses with cut outs and surface decorations.  Virginia Stevenson taught teens to silk paint using wax and dyes.   Lynn Sylver worked with students designing and constructing jewelry.
Certified art teacher Jessie Rothbard, with the help of “wonderful, amazing” volunteers,  managed the littler students’ adventures in art. 
CKAC Kids 8924xe
CKAC Kids 8919xe
Perhaps most striking were the “sculptures” produced by the students.  Upon blocks of wood, students placed wire and contorted the wire into forms of their choosing….amazing results! Then, upon the wire, they wrapped, placed, spread hosiery (“knee-highs” to be exact) …even more amazing!  Then, students pointed and otherwise decorated the hosiery…truly multiple opportunities for creativity to emerge.
The younger students also created art from the robot theme. They also produced textured pieces, layering object beneath foil, paint, and other media.