January 3, 2018

JAN 3 KANAPAHA PIC Every winter, Kanapaha holds an Annual Winter Bamboo Sale and a bamboo workshop. In December, Kanapaha issues a descriptive sales/availability listing of bamboos that are being offered during January and February on a dug-to-order basis.

How to order...

Bamboo order can be phone into 352-372-4981 starting January 1st. Buyers will be advised of the date orders will be ready for pickup and payment will be needed when orders are placed. There are no refunds issued after the bamboo has been dug. Bamboo Sale is in January and February only. Orders are prioritized by the date the customer is willing to come pickup the bamboo since some orders may exceed availability. Last day for placing orders is February 19th and the last day for picking up bamboo is February 25th.