Cedar Key School
Celebrates Homecoming
By Rebecca Gallagher
23 January 2018
Last week was homecoming for Cedar Key School. Some of the activities included a parade on Wednesday, a dance Friday, and of course the crowning of the Homecoming Queen and King.
The Queen and King and the royal court were announced Friday evening at half time of the boy’s varsity game. Each grade had representatives in the Queen and King’s court. The representatives (by grades) were:
For the 9th grade, the representatives were Jadyn Beckham and Ty Winfield.
For 10th grade, representatives were Amanda Robinson and Zander Stanley.
For the 11th grade representatives were Cassie Lozier and Kris Burns.
The 12th grade nominees for King and Queen were presented as a group.
HC Court 001 text 
The nominees for King were Trevor Ryan, Joey Lewandowski, Jacob Pitts, Devin Stottlemyre, Austin Minehart, Tyler Wynans, Grayson Yearty and Terrence Doty.
The nominees for Queen were Mackenzie Kirkbride, Dakota Phillips, Hadley Williams and Whitney Neal.
The kindergarten representatives Clayton Hodge and Wren Adams presented the crowns for the King and Queen.
The students crowned Prince and Princess were Tyler Wynans and Hadley Williams.
The Homecoming Queen and King were Mackenzie Kirkbride and Grayson Yearty.
Prince TylerWynans 01xe
Princess HadleyWilliams 01xe






  Tyler Wynans and Hadley Williams 

HC KingQueen 001xe

Homecoming Queen and King,
Mackenzie Kirkbride and Grayson Yearty