October 23, 2015


Skeezix, the beloved dog of Nysie Watson, passed away this week, after living a life of love, companionship and good spirits. Skeezix was honored as Cedar Key News "Dog of the Week" in 2009, and we pay tribute to her life.

...Molly Jubitz
Photo 2009 by Molly Jubitz


by Nysie Watson 

After 17 years on this Planet together, with the help of her beloved Doctor Bowker, Skeezix transcended on Tuesday, October 20, 2015.

She will be buried under the Holly tree with a little bit of Bob, Van and Holly ashes
She will not Journey Alone.

 OCT 23 skeezix online



First Star on the Right and on till Morning

Look up high to that star lit sky

If you listen closely you will hear a soft sweet sigh

That new trail of twinkling stars is the sparks of her feet as she runs

Right past Mars.

She is free of her earthly bonds she is singing her after life Song

Another dog will never be, a more loyal best friend to me

She Is Set Free

With All Her Dignity

Goddess Bless

-by Nysie Watson