(Leonard Vernon) OAKLEY
1967 - 2016
December 2016
Editor’s Note: 
Below are notes of the pastor who spoke at Danny Oakley’s final service;
they were given to the  Cedar Key News staff by father George Oakley.

Born in Detroit, Michigan on Oct. 10, 1967.

We moved to Atlanta, Georgia when Danny was 11.

He graduated from Dunwoody High School and tried college a couple of times, but it wasn't his "cup of tea".

He went to work for Marriott Corp. in Atlanta, and was promoted to Wilmington, Delaware. where he became Manager of Housekeeping. Stayed there for a couple of years, but missed Atlanta and his family, so he came back.

Left Marriott, and got into Landscaping, and tried his own company. Had a bad partner so it didn't work out.

Took a job managing a small motel in St. Petersburg, Florida for a couple of years. Again, he missed Atlanta and his family, so he left the job and went back to Atlanta where he worked for a small company that manufactured nuts and bolts (really big business after hurricanes and tornados).

He contacted neurology, which was painful, and had digestive problems, so he lost weight, and had to quit work.

I suggested he come to Cedar Key and open Island Gulf Karts, which would be less strenuous. So, he came to Cedar Key June of 2015.

However, the medical problems persisted, and he became weaker and weaker until he passed away Fri, Dec. 30, 2016

Danny was a good son and never gave me any real problems. I only had to give him four spankings when he was a child (had to give his sister, Traci, five spankings, as she was the tough one).

anny had a quick wit, and could be funny. He amazed me with his memory and the things he knew. And, what has really amazed me is the number of friends he made here in the short time he lived here. Also, I found that his customers loved him (I just found a cake in his house that said, "Thanks Danny").