November 7, 2017
Meeting Specifics
The Cedar Key City Commission met on Tuesday, November 7, 2017, at 6:10 pm, immediately after the Community Redevelopment Agency adjourned, in the trailer, the temporary home of Cedar Key City Hall after Hurricane Hermine.  Present were:  Chair Royce Nelson, Vice-Chair Sue Colson, and members Dale Register, Heath Davis, and Nickie Rucker. 

Staff in attendance included: CRA Attorney Norm Fugate, Police Chief Virgil Sandlin, Fire Chief and Emergency Operations Manager Robert Robinson, Public Works Supervisor James Custer, City Clerk Nicole Gill, Assistant City Clerk Crystal Sharp, Assistant to the City Clerk Brandy Knight, and Legal Assistant to Mr. Fugate Leslie Landress. 

Among those in the audience were: Nin Jarrett, Rebecca Gallagher, John Blouse, Linda Seyfert, Rosie Cantwell, Bill Rucker, and Mandy and Frank Offerle.

Resident Lynn Jarrett complained that the trash and recycle receptacles have been removed from the Gulf and Whiddon area and should be replaced as he receptacles’ prior contents are now littered about the area.  Mayor Heath Davis responded that the commission would attempt to resolve the matter.
Vice-Mayor Colson reminded all present that the Sierra Club Florida Climate Change Conference and John Muir Tribute will occur at the Community Center this Friday and Saturday.  Online registration is required.
The second reading of Ordinance 519 was unanimously approved.  After its approval, commissioners voted 4 to 0, Rucker abstained, to alter Commissioner Nickie Rucker’s title from Cedar Key Cemetery Liaison to Cemetery Director.
Vice-Mayor Colson distributed the Shiloh Cemetery Association Newsletter and suggested commissioners review it at their leisure and, perhaps, glean helpful information for Cedar Key Cemetery.  The Association, according to the Newsletter masthead, “is a private, not-for-profit institution organized for the management, maintenance and improvement of Shiloh Cemetery in Sumner, Florida.”  The organization provides regular newsletters, clean-up efforts, information about fees, reservations, progress reports, and more.  
Fire Chief and Emergency Operations Manager Robert Robinson, at Mayor Davis’ request, updated the commission on the renovation of City Hall.   He explained that examination of the building’s foundation revealed at least four renovations, reworkings, shorings-up, and/or alterations over the years.  Joists go in different directions; some foundation beams go into the ground, others are grounded in other foundation materials.  “All kinds of different bases” are there and at “different levels,” Robinson reported. 
uch a complicated foundation makes the raising of the building most risky, Robinson advised.  After consulting with other contractors and builders, he believes that upon attempting to raise it, the building would not fare well.  He doesn’t think the building “can stand it,” “that it might get all torn to pieces” raising it.
Commissioners unanimously approved the suggestion not to raise the building and to proceed with reconstruction under Robinson’s direction.  Robinson reported that he believed that the crew will be well on its way to completing construction in December.