November 7, 2017
Meeting Specifics
Conducting its Mania Workshop, the Cedar Key City Commission met on Tuesday, November 7, 2017, at 6:25 pm, immediately after the Community Redevelopment Agency adjourned and the City Commission Meeting adjourned, in the trailer, the temporary home of Cedar Key City Hall after Hurricane Hermine.  Present were:  Mayor Heath Davis, Vice-Chair Sue Colson, and commissioners Royce Nelson, Dale Register, and Nickie Rucker. 
Staff in attendance included: Cedar Key City Attorney Norm Fugate, Police Chief Virgil Sandlin, Fire Chief and Emergency Operations Manager Robert Robinson, Public Works Supervisor James Custer, City Clerk Nicole Gill, Assistant City Clerk Crystal Sharp, Assistant to the City Clerk Brandy Knight, and Legal Assistant to Mr. Fugate Leslie Landress. 
Among those in the audience were: Nin Jarrett, Rebecca Gallagher, John Blouse, Linda Seyfert, Rosie Cantwell, Bill Rucker, and Mandy and Frank Offerle.
Mayor Heath Davis opened the workshop explaining that much of the meeting’s comprehensive backup packet included:  minutes from past commission meetings, engineering plans containing ramp changes, 2016 guidelines, previous Marina Workshops notes, a Marina Channel Maintenance Dredge Contract, and Scope of Work, and more.
Commissioner Colson read a list of the past ten years accomplishments to the Cedar Key Marina:
Marina10yrs Accmpl xe
 Packet content and current concerns were compiled into the following 14 “Topics of Interest November 2017.”
  • Mooring
  • Accommodations for large boats
  • Marina utilities:  water, power, electric, boat lifts
  • Increase in number of floating docks
  • Pump-out stations
  • Fueling facility
  • Fish cleaning station
  • Week-long marina staffing
  • Dredging and solutions for inner basin
  • Restroom facilities across from fire station
  • Marina launch fee enforcement, marina procedures
  • Hurricane Hermine damaged finger dock removal and replacement
  • Clean culvert at Dock Street
  • Parking:  payed vehicle parking, parking fees, parking fee areas
After briefing commissioners, Mayor Davis asked he administrators to select the four or five items that each found the most important.  He told them to add any items they felt necessary.  At the end of the meeting, Davis clarified, he wished to have prioritized items upon which city staff could begin to work.
After an hour and fifteen minutes of conversation, the following issues rose, and decision were made.
  • All commissioners deemed dredging the marina the most important issue.
  • Commissioner Royce Nelson recused himself from bidding on the dredging work.
  •  Commissioner Register reminded all that bridge replacement would necessarily take precedence over any plans made.
  • Charging for parking was discussed:  some commissioners opined the city needs to make money; others refuted the concept citing severe cultural ambiance loss.  The complexities of parking were discussed:  fee collection, fairness, Dock Street differences, handicapper concerns, and more.
  • Floating versus permanent docks, their durability and safety were discussed at length.
  • Commissioners directed staff to solicit quotes on floating docks, removing the old dock, uncovered boat slips without electric lifts, covered and uncovered boat slips with electric lifts, and their maintenance.
  • Commissioners directed staff to get bids on removal and / or replacement of the Hurricane Hermine Finger Dock and inner marina utilities.
The workshop adjourned at 7:45 pm.