CityHall 4063xe
City Commission
to meet in City Hall
 29 DECEMBER 2017
At the September City Commission meeting, Fire Chief Robert Robinson reported that FEMA’s processing of papers and the financing City Hall’s renovation had stalled with the advent of Hurricane Harvey and additionally Hurricane Irma.  FEMA monies were being delayed, and the insurance dollars were not available.
A recommendation was made to the commission by city staff to proceed with the approved floor plan and repair the building as it sits and not to elevate it. Some new items would have to be eliminated and existing ones repaired.
Robinson said that if work could start immediately the contractors could have the building repaired and opened before Xmas.
Commissioners unanimously decided not to wait for FEMA money to become available and to begin construction with insurance monies now.
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City Hall is now open and has been functioning for about two weeks as the final changes are completed. New furniture has been assembled, phones and IT equipment installed and tweaked, the exterior has a new coat of paint and new landscaping is in the process of being completed.
A Grand Opening is planned for next Tuesday, January 2 at 5 pm, before the start of the city commission meeting. Everyone is invited.
Come and see what has been accomplished, through many hours of hard work and setbacks, by a dedicated and persevering Chief Robinson the City Staff.