June 30, 2015
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Robinson’s Seafood Market hosted a most successful fundraiser to send the Cedar Key School cheerleaders off to camp this summer and to purchase uniforms.  Eve and Carl Robinson’s goal was to sell 500 dinners! 
At Eve Robinson’s request, Cedar Key News staff let Robinson “recuperate,” did not telephone for an update today, and will update the goal on Wednesday in the News.
Bass or mullet was the choice, freshly caught by Cedar Key watermen.  Cole slaw, hush puppies, and lima beans, complete with iced tea, rounded out the fare.
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A table brimming with cupcakes steeped in icing and decorations, cakes, and cookies were available for a donation.  Cupcakes were decorated with all sorts of cheerleader paraphernalia: shark fins, megaphones, game day signs, and pompoms.  
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The cheerleading squad worked hard baking desserts, serving, and, of course, making people comfortable.  The kitchen was full of hardworking moms, staff, and teachers.  Eve Robinson orchestrated all and managed the cash register.  All were volunteers, of course.
Fans exercised the option to take their dinners home or eat in one of two of Robinson’s crowded dining rooms.

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Robinson’s, located at 6991 State Road 24 just a few miles from downtown Cedar Key, has much 
parking space, yet cars overflowed down the block and into the nearby field.
This Cedar Key community certainly does support its school and its cheerleaders. All were rewarded with very delicious dinners.