March 26, 2016

On Saturday, March 19, the Levy County Historical Society entertained and taught another full audience about the importance of the Cedar Keys in the Civil War.  In full Confederate regalia, Bob Wooley, a member of the Gainesville Civil War Roundtable of North Florida, rounded out the enlightening, extensive series.

Wooley began his talk with a video of other reenactors and himself igniting Confederate cannons in North Carolina.  The mortar’s sound, the kickback, and smoke brought some reality to the audience.   Wooley spent some time explaining the lead up to the skirmish, adding much to the audience’s understanding of the whole event.   Wooley’s talk, in historian Toni C. Collins’ words,  set “forth the events that occurred early on the morning of February 13, 1865, between Union and Confederate soldiers in the fields on the mainland near one of the station stops on the Florida Railroad.”

State Library and Archives of Florida Staff Historian Joshua Goodman delivered the first of the three-part series titled “Soldier, Refugee, Sailor, Contraband: the Many Faces of War” in January.   

Levy County Historical Society President and author Toni C. Collins presented the second in the series, “Salt - The Lifeline of The Confederacy,” in February. 

Between 250 and 300 area residents and visitors enjoyed the series at the Cedar Key RV Resort.  One hopes that the Levy County Historical Society is pondering something equally engaging for 2017.