January 7, 2016,    Updated January 11, 2016

An energetic, dedicated group of some eighteen individuals “just got things done,” as Tom Deverin would say, at the Cedar Key community Garden this past Monday, January 4.  Folks in the 32625 ZIP code to as far away as North Carolina took part.

Approximately forty additional plants found new homes in the earth:  bougainvillea, Turks cap, jasmine, honeysuckle, anthurium, oxalis, and more.  The entire area was mulched for moisture control.

Old fences were rooted out, post holes were dug, and a pre-stained trellis was erected on the west side, adding color and texture to the Garden.

Another ten-by-four-foot bed was manufactured.   One bed, constructed and planted a month ago, now flourishes with lettuce, kale, spices, and, of course, petunias are blooming.  Another bed was planted with more lettuce, snow peas, kale, and more.  The Garden now has three full beds.

Best of all was the camaraderie and the sumptuous luncheon served by Pat and Tom Deverin.  Beans, Johnny-cake, corn bread, cole slaw, and the best cookies ever baked made the rest of the work even more enjoyable.


Everyone is welcome.. 
We hope to see you at the next work day.
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