February 2, 2016

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On the perfectly sunshine-laden, 65-degree temperature morning, some forty-five Cedar Key gardeners, gardeners-to-be, wannabe-gardeners, and community members and supporters enjoyed the brief and information-laden Cedar Key Community Grand Opening yesterday at ten am. 
Community Garden Leader Tom Deverin thanked the many people making the Garden possible:  the Garden Clubbers, the treasurer, sign designer, sign painter, gate designer and builder, banner designers and sewers, garden bed makers, skid steerers, hammrers, drillers, wire cutters, trench diggers, compost haulers, garden bed cardboard-base fillers, plastic liner staplers, limb cutters, trellis builders, trellis foundation hole diggers, cement pourers, rakers, weed pullers, mulchers, step builders, step painters,and many more.
The following invocation was presented by gardener by Peggy Herrick:
Grace of the Sun                                                   FEB 2 CG Opng 0589 xe
The Silver Rain,
The Shining Sun,
The fields where scarlet poppies run,
And all the ripples in the wheat,
Are in the bread that we do eat,
So when we sit, and share a meal,
And say a grace, we always feel
That we are eating rain and sun
And fields where scarlet poppies run.
Blessings on this land that will provide
meals for us and our community.
Adapted from a prayer by Alice C. Henderson.
Deverin reported that over twenty-five individuals participated in the four work days that have occurred, that the Garden is up and running a month ahead of schedule, and over $6,000 has been donated to the establishment of the Garden. FEB 2 CG Opng 0626 xe
Mayor Heath Davis briefly recounted a 1920s Cedar Key tale that exemplified how the Garden itself is in concert with Cedar Key history:  the island and its people are proud to and try to take care of the island and themselves.

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Commissioner Sue Colson presented Deverin with a gold gardening spade.  Commissioner Royce Nelson expressed thanks that he and his wife were able to help in this community endeavor.
Deverin and his wife Pat, armed with multiple choices of seeds, then gave all those gardeners present wishing guidance lessons on transplanting sprouts, planting seeds, fertilizing, and more.
What a garden; what a day,
what a community, what a Garden Club!
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