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March 31, 2017

DSCN3616Much, much work and many, many tasks were completed this past Wednesday, March 29, at the Cedar Key Community Garden.   From eight to early two in the afternoon, the group stopped only for scrumptious 1842 Daily Grind scones and coffee and, of course, Deverin-provided bottles of cool, refreshing water.   Good fellowship, great company, and accomplishment were the orders of the day, all under the expert leadership of Tom Deverin (ever so elusive to the camera).DSCN3615

A new irrigation system was installed with Joe Hand and Alban Cyr mechanizing the operation while Bill Seyfert, our new-Canadian-best-friend Pierre, and Gene Higa dug the trench that now runs from the north beds to the south and the west of the Garden.   The system will keep the Garden’s front flower area and the length of the trellis hydrated through the summer months on a timed system.  


DSCN3621 Beth Mizell, Linda Seyert, Kathy Sturr, and Mandy Offerle laid irrigation hose throughout the area and covered it with mulch.  Pat Deverin tended all the wildflowers surrounding the two palm trees mid-garden.  Sue Colson's nasturshiums punctuated the beauty of the Garden.DSCN3618

Jeri Treat fertilized the flowering shrubs. Maria Sgambati and Sam Gibbs built berms, laid insulation, and covered with shells the two crepe myrtles so that water will not drain away.  Lois Benninghoff hauled away debris in her golf cart.


Indeed, a fine time was had by all and the Garden even lovelier than before (if that is possible). 




























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