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February 27, 2015
DSCN2704Two things are certain: Cedar Key folks love a good cause and most of them have dogs.  Leave it to the Cedar Key Woman’s Club to combine the two into a wonderfully well-attended and spirited event to raise funds for the Cedar Key Canine Companions Dog Parade Program.  Indeed, that they did with the Doggies in the Park Parade this Thursday, February 26, at 4pm in City Park that attracted well over 100 people.
Hard as it was to count the well-mannered, largely non-barking, but constantly meandering dogs, Cedar Key News staff hazards the guess at nearly 80 pooches in attendance.  Over fifty owners registered their dogs; some such parents brought pairs of dogs.

Woman’s Club President Susan Rosenthal welcomed the group, Father Jim Wright blessed the event, and Joan Horn and Vice-Mayor Sue Colson had the difficult job of judging the entrants. 


After the dogs paraded before the two judges twice, Horn and Colson declared the task “very difficult” and agreed that they could not be bound by the limited number of prize categories and created some categories of their own. Among their inventions were:  “the most prayerful dogs” and “the best pair” which were awarded to Farther Wright’s Bodhi and Citta and Willie Mae and Odyssey, respectively. 
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Adding to the fun were the names of the canines, each name with an intriguing story of its own behind it:  Bunnie, Miley, Foster, Bob Barker, Tula, Chloe, Rocky, Bonnie, and many, many more.  
Kate and Michael Gaither’s dog Honey won, and surely earned, the huge basket of dog treats.

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Honey is a Certified Full Mobility P.T.S.D. Medical Service Dog who places herself between Michael and anyone approaching him.  Honey and Michael are together 24/7.  Honey has been honored by the American Kennel Club three times with its Award for Excellence.  Michael has been honored by the Levy County Commissioners and the Governor of Florida.  This parade benefit event supports the Canine Companions for Wounded Warriors. 

The Woman’s Club was careful to feed both the dogs and the humans.  The four-legged creatures feasted on bacon and egg, liver, and peanut butter cookies, some made from all-natural ingredients and some made with parsley to “combat doggie breath” said one baker.

Humans feasted on cupcakes dripping with frosting of all colors.


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