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January 2016
dec 18 rec DSC 0998The Cedar Key Woman’s Club hosted a reception December 10 at The Island Hotel, to honor the photographic contributors for the 2016 Cedar Key Calendar. Pictured left to right are Coordinator Vicky Crumpley, Ann Kamzelski, Wanda Davis, Joan Selby, Frank Morgan, Hans Henning Bunge, Henry Coulter, Rita Baker, Heath Davis, Carol Sakellarios, and Jeffrey Schleede in front.  Other photographers included Rory Brennan, Laia Gore, Christine Ford, Debbie Tsimpedes, Steven Deam, J.D. McCormick, Jim Wilcox, Jackie Lambert, Galina Binkley, and Donna Bushnell.

Available from local businesses, the calendar at $10 has become a significant advertisement for Cedar Key, with all proceeds supporting Woman’s Club projects in the area.