February 21, 2016
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The Cedar Key Woman’s Club, as always, was at its very best again last evening as it served hundreds of locals a great spaghetti dinner, complete with garlic bread, a green salad, and Italian music wafting over all.

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This Saturday evening event continued a  decade-long tradition of fund raising for causes, such as the Cedar Key School, the Cedar Key Library, American Veterans, Fisher House, and the Children’s Summer Art Program at the Cedar Key Arts Center, to mention but a few.
FEB 22 SPAG DESSERTSDin4471xeThe effort is not a simple one, as the reader may perceive.  On the day of the event, many of the Women’s Club members were up and preparing food at  5 am and fully engaged in the cooking shortly thereafter. The entire previous day, Friday, the spaghetti was cooked… just three minutes shy of serving texture; the three minute final cooking was completed just before the locals had their plates handed to them…ensuring piping hot spaghetti.   
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The sauce, oh my, the sauce, was created and cooked by Rosenthal, with Judy Treharne and Joan Selby.  Imagine managing 40 pounds of meat, ten pounds of onion, bell peppers, many, many cans of tomato paste and sauce.  “The secret is the spices,” exclaimed Rosenthal.
FEB 22 SPAG SUEDin4463xeComments were made throughout the dinner at many tables about the tastiness of the spaghetti sauce.  Rosenthal explained that the secret is in the spices which she brings especially for this occasion from St. Louis.  Even though the Cedar Key News staff tried, there was no coaxing Rosenthal out of her s ecret. 
All the Woman’s Club members were busy making the evening a pleasure.  Past-President Jane Moore managed the ticket taking; President Susan Rosenthal planned, managed, and cooked; Katherine Dunlop orchestrated the line of hungry folks.

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Tea, coffee, and water were served by Terri Brennan and Paula Westcott.  The garlic bread was cooked and created by Robin Jocelyn and Nancy Reed.   The dessert crew of Lynn Sylver and Eileen Senecal presented an incredible assortment of pies, cakes, brownies, and more.The kitchen crew consisted of Joan Selby, Kathy Friedenfelt, Karen Decker, and Gini Barrs who served the piping hot spaghetti, the cool crisp salad, and the warm buttery garlic bread.  Many washed the pots and pans, but Rosemary Danesi managed a full load most ably.   
The evening could not have been more pleasant, the company more engaging, and the causes more meaningful.