April 3, 2017

DSCN3584At its “Afternoon Delight” on March 23, 20107, the Cedar Key Woman’s Club members did what they do best:  they gave to those in need, raised even more money to give away, relished a creative, delicious, lovely lunch, and thoroughly enjoyed on another in so doing.   A series of delights filled the afternoon.DSCN3588

On such delight was a packed house. President Jane Moor welcomed the wall-to-wall-filled room of over 150 ladies and a daring gentleman to the “Afternoon Delight: A Fashion Show, Cedar Key Style” at 3 pm, after all had an opportunity to visit the multiple vendors displaying their wares about the room.   Frog Cottage Jewelry, Dragonfly Pond, Donna Bushnell Jewelry, and Colson’s Cedar Key Scrub were among the vendors. 

“’Afternoon Delight’ has been produced and styled by the Cedar Key Woman’s Club with grateful appreciation to Tamara Gordon of Belk  Department Store ,” stated the program.  Moore further explained that each outfit worn in the show was selected by the CKWC member wearing it.  Moore explained that the exception to that, of course, was Ms. Tacky and her multiple layers of clothing.    

The most delightful Ms. Tacky (Eileen Senecal), was  omnipresent throughout the afternoon, bantering with moderator Moore, moving from table to table, collecting additional dollars to give away, and adding to everyone’s delight by keeping them chuckling.   One such quip, while she flounced her red feather boa, was, “Without me, there would be no fashion show!”

DSCN3573Perhaps the most meaningful delights of the afternoon were the generous presentations from the club and announced by President Moore.   She bestowed checks to:

Joyce DeHaan for the Friends of the Library of $1,000
Judy Treharne for the Cedar Key Food Pantry of $500
Susan Hollingsworth for the Cedar Key Community Relief Fund of $500
Susan Rosenthal for the Cedar Key School Safety Patrol of $500
Ms. Tacky for Another Way of $1,000

Drawings of other sorts awarded winners Ada Blue fudge certificates, Canvas Shop gift certificates, Belk discount certificates, Afternoon Delight serving pieces, and more gift certificates from Island Thyme, 1842 Daily Grind, and others.

DSCN3574Further delights were lunch and the desserts.   Tea sandwiches, creatively placed on ingeniously-created, multi-leveled glass trays, delighted the taste.  The seemingly-endless dessert table stretched for yards and continued every kind of sweet treat and fruit imaginable.DSCN3586

The fashion show itself consisted of twelve outfits, each reflecting the month or a holiday within it.  Models included:  Nita Cox, Kathy Freidenfelds, Chris Black, Joan Selby, Susan Hollandsworth, D Katherine Dunlop, Gini Barss, Janie Veltkamp, Karen Decker, Nan Reed, Marie Evans, and Ann Morgan.