Below is Jennie Pinto's  note of thanks to those who made the Octovber 1, 2014, Community Relief Spaghetti Dinner possible.
Octobeer 11, 2014 

We raised enough to purchase 13 more gas cards, which is a LOT.

Can't say enough about our crew!  Ken Young, you COOK! Lynn Renfroe, you just grinned and worked.  Mike Fischer, love that garlic bread! Marty and Buzz Healy were invaluable, just jumping in,  and DOING.  Katie Bancroft-Lady, you are superb, just swinging in, smiling, and working.  (and you roll a might mean silverware-wonder where you learned THAT?) Jacquelyn Slaughter, you just kept asking for "another task". Loretta Fettig, you "swung in there" and worked.  Eileen Bower, glad you felt well enough to be our cash counting, ticket dispensing cashier.  Patti Hopson, is there anything you won't do? Noah Webster, you are a MASTER of conserve, compost, recycle and reuse!  Larry Feldman, we really really didn't expect you to wield that broom.

Now, onto MY favorite part, the desserts.... they were fantastic!!  Many thanks to Judy Treharne, Chris Black, Sarah Cardona, Tom and Nan Hooker, and the chocolate covered cherry cake queen, Susan Rosenthal.

Virgil-even though I give you a hard time, and the city crew of Brian and Mike, Thank YOU.  You went over and beyond.

Miss Brenda and Henry, (my Nana has ice) thank you for the ice AND coolers.

Eagles 4194, thank you "filling the holes," not that I have EVER forgotten anything.  The Food Pantry helped us, providing the pasta and other ingredients.

Winn Dixie in Chiefland has a GREAT  produce department, they HAND selected the lettuce AND tomatoes.

May thanks to my own dear, Will Winegarden, who does not get upset when our house becomes a staging ground, and cleans up afterwards.

My "other family," Nature Coast Realty, Inc, thank you for giving me the time to do!  Without you, I wouldn't have time, energy, or a "real job."

Caryn Stephenson and Anne Young of Pelican Realty, thank you for SELLING tickets.

And last, but far from least, the beautiful, wonderful, wonderous, loving people of Cedar Key, who came with large appetites and open pockets.  I enjoyed watching friends and neighbors breaking bread, visiting, and ENJOYING fellowship and good times.

If I have forgotten anyone, please forgive me, I am still "fuzzy" from the love shown by the people of MY town, the ruby red Gem of the Nature Coast, Cedar Key, FL, the town with a HEART.