by Gene Benedict
Rough day: a memoir
14 April 2016
It had been a tough day. Walking out, I pass through the gate on the way to somewhere. I need to come down, have some quiet time alone, forgetting the rough day. I mount the vehicle and head down the way.
I spot this building at the edge of a parking area. No one is in front. I pass slowly around the building. A pickup is parked to the rear, no other vehicles around. I dismount and walk slowly through the door.
The place is lit dimly. It has one window. I walk to one end of the bar. A guy on the other side with a towel walks to me and wipes the bar, waiting. I order a beer. He brings me one. He walks to the other end, no talking. Just the place I need.
I sit quietly, sipping my beer, washing the day away. Someone else comes through the door and sits down. He gets a drink and nods to me. I look his way and also nod. A conversation of a sort begins. He’s talking, I’m not. He moves near to me, talking about his day, I nod.
Someone else comes through the door, moving to the bar. The new guy invites himself into what he thinks is a three-way conversation. I only nod now and then. I look towards the guy who followed me in and now sits next to me. I nod throwing my shoulder towards distant tables on the floor. The two of us leave the bar and go to a table.
By now, others were there, some talking. Soft music breaks out and a woman shows up to serve. The place is filling up. Someone tries to join us at the table. I wave my arm around the room and point to toward the bar. The guy gets the point. He moves away.
The guy at my table orders another drink. The music is loud. The conversation at the table gets louder. I merely continue to nod. He thinks we are having a conversation. He talks, I just nod.
Finally, I rise and head toward the door. He follows me out. “Well, that was a good time. It was fun. Where are you going tomorrow?” He trails me as I go to my vehicle. “I know a place we might meet. This was a good time…”
I climb into my vehicle, look back at him with a half smile, and start the engine. It has been a tough day. I need to come down, have some quiet time alone somewhere.
I drove off…
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 Copyright © by Gene Benedict - April 2016