by Gene Benedict
December 27, 2017

You know, that’s a good question, what to do now? The year is winding down to just a matter of hours before all is past, is history. You can watch TV and listen to the radio and read the newspaper or otherwise get a review of the year on a large-scale basis. History records the local, state, national and international scene on war, science, politics, health, weather, and that list goes on.

What do we do now? Baseball is long past. NASCAR’98 is gone. College football, except for a few bowl games, is over. All that’s left of the pro season is a couple of playoffs and the Super Bowl. The holidays are gone. Well, we have basketball…yeah, we have basketball… Baseball and NASCAR and the spring of the year are all a long way off.

So, what do to do now? What do we do now? This is the perfect opportunity, the best excuse, the most reasonable rationale, to just take a few days, or however long it takes, to do nothing. To relax. To let the mind wander. To reflect. That’s it, to reflect.

Where have you been? What has come of that? Does that make you feel satisfied, justified, unified, vilified, okay with yourself? The natural outcome from reflection is a plan for the next few days, month, period. An overused and often abused word for it is resolutions, New Year’s Resolutions. Unfortunately that has a negative ring to it. Too fat. Too lazy. Not thrifty enough. Older. Less healthy. Out of shape.

How about looking at what’s working? What has gone right? How can I make it even better? We all have our hands and arms full. What can we lay down so that we can pick something up that’s even better? Why wait until…? Until I lose a few pounds. Until I can save enough dollars for it. Until I have time for it. Until I get prepared for it. Or, worst of all, until I can get a few things out of the way. I’ll wager you that most of those things you want to get out of the way aren’t worthy of your time to begin with.

I personally have had a hell of a year and Anne’s has been trying too. But, believe me, we learned a thing or two about laying things down. When crises arise, it becomes automatic to lay things down. You must handle the crises. So let’s turn this in a positive way and create our own personal, growth oriented, enhancing crises that make us lay something else down.

We spoke of the Super Bowl a little bit past. I have a friend, a mentor, who says that everyday in your life is the Super Bowl. This is no practice session. This is no rehearsal. This is it. This is what you have, here and now, so live it. Don’t wait until…until…until… I am reminded of what Caroline said to me that day on her deathbed when I was leaving the room and told her I would be back to see her tomorrow. “But you must understand, Gene, how good it is to see you TODAY.” Tomorrow can wait until... Let’s work on today.

So for the next little while, it’s not likely you will see Anne or me out there as we usually are. We are vacating the Cedar Keys for a week or so. We are taking advantage of the perfect opportunity, the best excuse, the reasonable rational, to just disappear, to reflect, to put together game plans, individually and together, for the next period working mainly from that part of the recent past that has had a positive outcome.

Understanding that everyday is the Super bowl, we’ll be back before for the pro-football event and the parties that surround it. In our absence, keep an eye out for Trouble in Cedar Key, and update us on our return.

Have a great start to another great year, the last year of this century. Have a happy New Year.

Copyright © by Gene Benedict 27 December 2017