15 December 2014
Tuesday night the FDOT will again be represented at the December 16th City Commission meeting, hopefully with more answers and an alternative plan for the Dock Street Dilemma. They have answered many questions but not all questions received direct answers and there are many more questions that need to be addressed regarding the bridge projects; the disrupting effect on businesses (not just Dock Street), the visual impact on residents and visitors, the environmental impact, and the compatibility of the increased mass and design of the bridges that will be around for 75 years.
Below are a few concerns. Some have already been addressed, some are very important and some less so. All questions should get a direct answer as each decision will affect the residents, visitors, and businesses of Cedar Key.
Commercial and Recreational Concerns
The time required for the Dock Street Bridge project, including the temporary bridge, demolition of the existing bridge and construction of the new bridge, was estimated to be 30 to 36 months.
At certain times during this 30 to 36 months of demolition and construction, the inside marina will be forced to close down, boat traffic in the inside marina will not have access to open water. 
Visual, Esthetics and Compatibility Concerns
  • Can design alternatives be implemented to mitigate the impact of the increased mass of higher, wider, and longer, concrete bridges?
  • Do the required safeguard/railings have to be a wall of solid concrete 42” in height similar to the no.4 bridge?
  • Can the safeguard/railings be designed with a lower profile (30”) of concrete with a lighter, see-thru, metal railing to bring them up to the required 42 inch height?
  • Do we need to have a six foot sidewalk on both side of the Lewis Pass Bridge?
  • With the adding of two to four feet of elevation at the center of the bridges, how much additional length will be added to the bridges?
Environmental Inpact Concerns
Marina Area Parking Count Totals
Parking count does not include boat trailer spaces 
Existing parking count – Marina area and Dock Street: 141 spaces +/-
 Parking space changes - temporary bridge and cul-de-sac
 Proposed w/temporary bridge across marina:  68 spaces +/-
33 spaces lost to two way traffic and dead end on Dock Street.
 25 spaces lost at C & First Street
  • Temp bridge: 15 spaces
  • Dock Street (two way): 23 spaces
  • First Street lot: 0 spaces
  • First Street: 20 spaces
  • Marina: 10 spaces
Proposed w/cul-de-sac on Dock Street - No temporary bridge: 78 spaces
33 spaces lost to two way traffic and dead end on Dock Street.
No spaces lost at C & First Street.

The FDOT would like to get our approval on their design by the end of the year. Their presentation at the Community Center and at the last City Commission meeting did not produce many specific answers. Bring your questions and concerns to the meeting Tuesday night and be heard. Help shape the project to be one that will work and be an attractive asset to Cedar Key for the next 75 years.