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The issue of signage is a critical one.  Proper signage informs the public what it may do, where it might go, what is legal and illegal, and so on.  In effect, signage ensures safety and promulgates adherence to expectations.  Signs are not a convenience; they are a must.  Lack of signage compromises public knowledge and consequently its safety.

Destruction of signs is not an option; however, their obliteration continues to occur on Lukens. 

On May 4, 2016, good to its word, the Suwannee River Water Management District posted signs on the Lukens Tract carefully delineating the private and public properties and the public access road through the entire Tract.  The signs were, for the second time, placed on posts driven into the ground.

On May 4, at 6 pm the signs and the posts were still in place.

On May 5, at 7:20 am, less than 24 hours later, the signs and the posts were gone, nowhere to be found in the area.


On Friday, February 5, 2016, SRWMD posts the signs on the property.
By Tuesday, February 8, 2016, SRWMD the signs have been illegally removed from the property.
On Wednesday, May 4, 2016, SRWMD posts the signs on the property.
By Thursday, May 5, 2016 SRWMD the signs have been illegally removed from the property.


  • On Thursday, November 11, 2015, a Cedar Key resident informed the SRWMD Governing Board, at their meeting held in Cedar Key, of being accosted by woman and unleashed pit bulls and told to get off “her” land; the incident occurred on the District’s-owned easternmost Lukens parcel.
  • On Thursday, December 24, 2015, two more residents reported to the SRWMD of being accosted and threatened by Mr. Topping, again on the easternmost District-owned Lukens parcel.
  • On Monday, April 18, 2016, another area resident reported to Cedar Key Police and the Levy County Sheriff’s Department being threatened and detained on the District-owned easternmost parcel of Lukens Tract by the landowner.


  • Immediately remove the gates on the Lukens Tract and forbid their return.  The gates have become barriers to public access and now used as a means to detain the public against their will.
  • Remove the private landowner’s camera presently secured to a tree that may be on District property; the camera is placed within ten feet northwest of the central gate on Lukens property.
  • Build a fence on either side of the access road through the Topping-owned section of Lukens, one on the north and one on the south side, bisecting the parcel. Install a gate on each fence that the landowner may lock/unlock at will; resultantly, the private landowner will open and close gates instead the public having to do so. 
  • Build two u-shaped fences, cutting the private property owner’s property in half, extending all the way to the water to the north and the south; in effect, closing and keeping secure landowner’s property, while the public access road remains in the center and fenced from the private property on both sides.
  • Prosecute people for destruction of public property….signs, if possible.
  • Prosecute people for constructing a road that enters onto SRWMD, public, property on the easternmost part of Lukens, and while doing so, destroying the ecosystem, cutting down trees, etc.