Small Boat Weekend Rescue
Cedar Key
May 12, 2016

Cedar Key, it is déjà vu all over again.  On Saturday of small boat weekend our 17 foot Oday day sailor capsized not too far from Atsena Otie in a failed jibe attempt because of what will remain an unspecified operator error.  (Déjà vu all over again because this is our second knockdown for the same reason). 

The purpose of this letter to the editor is to thank all of the anonymous small boat weekend participants who took part in our rescue.  Our mishap occurred in water shallow enough that we could stand and we wound up walking, sheepishly, up to the beach on Seta Otie. In the meantime our boat was drifting away with the tide and wind and, honestly, we thought it might be best to just let it go.  However, that was not to be.

Several people went about rescuing our boat.  One group caught up to the drifting boat, stood on the center board which miraculously righted it, and then towed it to the beach.  Another group retrieved almost all of our equipment (including the rudder).  I think all we lost was one hat and one short piece of line.  We were then ferried to town, hitched a ride home with Andy Bair, and brought our motor boat back to tow our sailboat home.  Thanks to the efforts of many small boat weekend participants the sailboat is safely at home sitting on its lift looking no worse for its exciting Saturday.

Thank you all.  I have an offer for any of you who participated in (or even just watched) our rescue.  If you are interested in owning a 17 foot Oday day sailor I will make you an offer you can’t refuse (there is a problem in that there is no trailer and you know what is wrong with the motor).  This is a serious, not frivolous, offer.  We have decided that our small boat sailing days are over – two unjustified knockdowns are enough. 

Jerry and Nancy Salamon
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