Tale of Two Counties
Thank you for the timely and thought provoking editorial "Tale of Two Counties." Although currently I'm not a resident of Levy County, I am an admirer of Cedar Key, and subscribe to the Cedar Key News.  
This election year the National News is concerned with individual States hastily pushing through legislation to prevent "Voter Fraud," Levy County Florida and Mr. James Griffin provide a new twist on this problem. The voters of Levy County deserve clarification on a number of issues put forth in your Editorial. As an interested Party so do I.
Would the Levy County Property Appraiser help me understand how the legal residency issue was overlooked?
Would Mr. Griffin help me understand why he would choose, under the circumstances, to run for Levy County Commissioner and not run for one of the two open Dixie County Commissioner seats?
Since records indicate that Mr. Griffin is a resident of both Dixie, and Levy Counties. (registered in Dixie County in 2010 and Levy County in 2012), is he listed as eligible to vote in both counties in the same election? If so, has he? 
Maureen Reilly-Nathanson
Hypoluxo, Florida
31 October 2014