State Horse Judging CDE
06 FEBRUARY 2017

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Saturday (2/4/17) the Cedar Key Middle FFA Chapter is making a statement in the horse judging world. For the second year in a row the middle school chapter (6th-8th grades) has placed TOP 10 in the state, tying for 9th place.
This year’s contest had close to 40 competing teams, judging 2 classes of Standardbred horses, one class of Morgan horses, a warmblood class and completing a 100-item skill-a-thon. Usually a horse team has easy access to live specimens and most competitors own their own horses, which gives them a leg up in the competition.
The Cedar Key team is at a definite disadvantage in this department but the five girls on this year’s team proved that you don't have to own a horse to judge a horse. For two members of the team their first experience with a horse was this year when the FFA Advisor, Rachel Wetherington, took them to a hands-on horse practice in Ocala. "It's a big deal to these kids, they put their heart and soul into this contest and are so proud for their hard work to pay off.
Many have already stated that they plan on practicing (for next year) now, so that can bring home a state championship" stated Mrs. Wetherington, when asked about the contest. The Cedar Key Middle and SR chapters congratulate the team on a fabulous representation at the state contest.