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Putting the "science" in Agriscience
by FFA Correspondents
31 January 2017
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Students in the high school agriculture class have been doing some “mad science” in class recently. Students are learning about soils and how they relate to crop productivity. For three days students have been doing various experiments with soil to determine the chemical composition of various soils

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Students have been testing things such as water content, organic matter, pH (also known as acidity), carbonates, nitrates, phosphates, and for about 10 other things necessary for plant growth that are located in the soil. Students have been using proper PPE (personal protection equipment) and will be applying their soil knowledge to the ag gardens.
The gardens are maintained by the agriscience classes but are funded through the Cedar Key FFA Chapters. To date over 9000LBS of fresh produce has been donated to the local food pantry. Currently there are late spring producing strawberries, potatoes, onions, and kohlrabi in the ground. Within the next two weeks peppers, turnips, cucumbers, squash, and collards will make their way to our gardens.

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