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August 10, 2017

Cedar Key School  is adding four new faces to the teaching staff this year. These middle school/high school teachers will each be on campus one or two days a week as part of the Edgenuity program.AUG 10 CKS 20643320 1607745022610285 3776947521357634566 o

Edgenuity is blended learning, which means students will spend time working on-line as well as getting help from a teacher face-to-face at CKS. Edgenuity allows students to take classes not offered on their campus, for example art history, as well as to take classes to make up credits they may be missing.

Each Edgenuity teacher has a specialty academic area, several years of successful teaching experience, and a willingness to rotate among campuses in Levy County.  Pictured, from left, are social studies teacher Mrs. Maya Hebert, science teacher Mrs. Jennifer Bray, English teacher Paul Grune,, and math teacher Mr. Wes Joyner.  One of these teachers will be at Cedar Key every school day.