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August 21, 2017

AUG 21 CKS FFA PIC ONE IMG 20170816 132602793 1This year should be an exciting year for the Cedar Key School Agriculture Department.  This year there are three ag classes offered during the school day, two being high school classes and one middle school. The current enrollment is 52 students with many of them being eighth graders who are taking an advanced high school ag class.  

This year we are down one garden due to the new portable, but that isn't stopping students from doing their best to get things rolling.  We will have a fall garden, hydroponic garden, two tilapia tanks, and a few hens.  As always, garden donations are accepted and we are always willing to partner with community members on service projects.AUG 21 CKS FFA IMG 20170816 132525610

Photo  One: Chicks have arrived and the "reclamation garden" is being planted with squash in hopes to have a late crop of it. -monitored by student Casey Williams

Photo Two: Students work to clean up the area around the aqualab and new portable; soil and lumber was displaced during the installation of the portable, but the students aren't afraid to get their hands dirty cleaning up.